1. Maximum of 10 defensive players.  Four out fielders must be 10 feet behind base path.
  2. May bat entire lineup and free substitution
  3. No bunting
  4. No stealing
  5. Catcher must squat behind home plate in full gear.  A defensive coach can stand behind the catcher to retrieve balls to help speed up game, but cannot coach from this position
  6. Maximum of 6 runs per inning
  7. 5 pitches or 3 strikes.  Player can continue to hit as long a they are fouling the 5th pitch
  8. No infield fly will be in effect
  9. Defensive players must be 35+ feet from batter
  10. Play is stopped when the progress of the lead runner is stopped.  Umpire calls time as soon as lead runner is not attempting to advance
  11. Pitcher must have one foot in circle even or behind the pitching coach
  12. Highly recommended pitcher wear face guard
  13. Base length will be 60 feet
  14. Pitching rubber set at 35 feet.  Coach must have one foot on rubber when pitching.
  15. Base runner shall not leave the base until the ball leaves the pitchers hand.
  16. If a thrown ball hits the pitching coach it is a live ball, unless the Umpire thought it was intentional, if Ump feels it was intentional, it will be a dead ball and the play is repeated.
  17. Run rules in effect according to the rule book


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